1. Bromoacetone is prepared by combining bromine and acetone, with catalytic acid.
  2. "' Bromoacetone "'is an organic compound with the formula 3 CCH 2.
  3. Hydroxyacetone is commercially available but may be also be synthesized on a laboratory scale by a substitution reaction on bromoacetone.
  4. Remarkably, ketone halogenation also occurs in biological systems, particularly in marine alga, where dibromoacetaldehyde, bromoacetone, 1, l, l-tribromoacetone, and other related compounds have been found.
  5. The position alpha to the carbonyl group in a ketone is easily halogenated, due to the ability to form an mono-bromination of acetone, carried out under either acidic or basic conditions, to give bromoacetone:


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