1. In 2001, Buffenoir became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sagem Mobile, the mobile phone operating division of Sagem.
  2. During the period 1995-2000, the Mobile Phones business units was driven by Guy Rouanne and Radiocommunications Systems and Radiocommunications Networks business units were led by Thierry Buffenoir.
  3. Sagem Wireless was launched in January 2009 with investment Sofinnova and Thierry Buffenoir became its CEO . As an independent company, Sagem Wireless undertook a shift in strategy away from the traditional ODM space of operator-branded low-range handsets and towards the design, developing and delivering of customised mid and high-range mobile devices for global lifestyle brands and mobile operators.
  4. The small singers of Asni鑢es, as they were, consisted of the first generation of Poppys : Bruno Polius, Harry Trowbridge, Philippe and Gabriel K閜閗lian, Thierry and Philippe Sellier, Philippe and Jean-Pierre Herman, Philippe Magnan, Jean-Jacques Gallard, Pascal Buffenoir, Pierre Puyhardy, Olivier Dubrez, Benoit Cabane, Christophe Normand, Bernard Carayon, Olivier Antignac.


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