buffer carの例文


  1. The equipment that derailed included 63 of the 72 tank cars as well as the buffer car.
  2. The second car in the train ( the first tanker car behind the buffer car ), through the 28th car derailed.
  3. The train crew must have seen the damage behind them and moved the engines and the buffer car an additional away from the accident.
  4. However, the TSB agrees with a July 6 statement to police by the train's engineer that he set hand brakes on just the five locomotive engines, a buffer car, and a car housing the remote control apparatus.
  5. On 14 December 2014 the 12381 UP Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express derailed at 8.27 am after leaving Howrah at 8.15 am . 11 sleeper coaches and a pantry car ( AC Hot Buffer Car ) of the New Delhi-bound Poorva Express derailed at Liluah shortly after leaving Howrah station.


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