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  1. The world's buffest left normalcy behind about three layers ago.
  2. The world's buffest man is named Dorian.
  3. Not much else in this movie is new, but those are the buffest armpits you'll ever see.
  4. He's a recovering alcoholic but the buffest one you'll ever see _ physical dissolution may have been part of Bratt's " Pinero, " but it's not on the menu here _ and he quickly becomes addicted to Katie's charms.
  5. :Theron Martin of Anime News Network describes Akuto's role in the series as " a case where the harem master is still basically a nice guy but also turns out to be his story's buffest and biggest bad-ass " and that " everything that Akuto says or does to prove that he is not a Demon King is instead misinterpreted in a way that only bolsters his image as a Demon King, including the way that he collects his harem, is a vastly amusing one which gets a lot of play throughout the series ".


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