buffet partyの例文


  1. Restaurant chain Gourmet Kineya Co . even offered a buffet party to welcome shareholders.
  2. I think the one mistake most people make is to overdo the food for a buffet party.
  3. Afterward there was a grand opening-night buffet party on the opera house stage, attended by the chancellor of Austria and other dignitaries.
  4. The holiday season, if it has not yet already, comes to a close tonight with the national collegiate championship football game _ and, finally, those festive buffet parties will be gone for a while.
  5. Tonya Walker, an avid Dallas motor sports fan who has volunteered her time to organize a letter-writing campaign in support of the track, said she will sponsor a buffet party at 7 : 30 p . m . tomorrow at Drew Pearson's Sports 88 Grill in Dallas to get fans excited about the track.


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