burst cutting areaの例文


  1. A burst cutting area is located at the inner ring of the disc surface.
  2. The Burst Cutting Area cannot be written without using special equipment, therefore it can be used as a tamper-proof means of identifying individual discs.
  3. Each DIVX disc was marked with a unique barcode in the burst cutting area that could be read by the player, and used to track the discs.
  4. New Super Mario Bros Wii, for example, will not play out of the box because the game checks the burst cutting area for data not normally in a rip.
  5. The barrier to burning Nintendo GameCube discs with a consumer DVD burner is the Burst Cutting Area, a " barcode " in the innermost ring of the disc, an area inaccessible to most burners and writeable only by very expensive disc pressing machines.


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