burst dataの例文


  1. Time slicing requires a sufficiently high number of multiplexed services and a certain minimum burst data-rate to guarantee effective power saving.
  2. As stated, XTP also provides rate control in which the maximum bandwidth can be specified as well as what size burst data can be accepted.
  3. Burst data consist of either 16 s of 8-ms resolution count rates or 64 s of 32-ms count rates from the sum of the 2 detectors.
  4. All SATA data cables meeting the SATA spec are rated for 3.0 Gbit / s and handle modern mechanical drives without any loss of sustained and burst data transfer performance.
  5. This translates into a 12-millisecond average seek time, an average sustained data-transfer rate of 5.5 megabytes per second, and a burst data throughput of 10 Mbps.


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