business japaneseの例文


  1. However, JETRO's Business Japanese Test was not offered in Kazakhstan or any other former Soviet Union member state.
  2. The Japanese External Trade Organization JETRO organizes the " Business Japanese Proficiency Test " which tests the learner's ability to understand Japanese in a business setting.
  3. One might be an introduction to students who have already undertaken academic study of a different foreign language; another, a phrasebook for people planning travel or a homestay; a third, an overview of business Japanese etc . Also, I figured that on WB, it's up to the author to either integrate the material into an existing WB project, or keep it independent and distinguish it in some way from other books . " Dump and delete " is one point of view; another is " identify the right Wikimedia project for it and move it there . " Fg2 06 : 57, 21 November 2005 ( UTC)


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