by any possibilityの例文


  1. He wrote at this time : " I desire, if by any possibility I should become a priest, to be a missionary, and if I am a missionary to be a martyr . " In 1836, he entered the Father Ravignan ( 1837 ).
  2. The only members of this family whose descendants can ever now by any possibility succeed to the Chiefship should it pass from the Mackenzies of Allangrange are ( 1 ) Alexander, second son of Kenneth Mor, first of Dundonnel, but of him there is no trace for more than two hundred years, and never likely to be . ( 2 ) Simon, Alexander's youngest brother, of whom nothing has been heard during the same period . ( 3 ) Captain Alexander, of the 73rd Regiment, second son of Kenneth Mackenzie, II . of Dundonnel, who died, probably unmarried, in 1783.


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