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  1. The film is often described as an attempt by Brakhage to visualize how his children saw the world.
  2. It is currently available in the DVD collection " By Brakhage : An Anthology, Volume 1 " from Criterion.
  3. In a foreword published by Brakhage, he cites a fault between himself and Tenney's mother for convincing Tenney to become a musician, shortly before composing the soundtrack for " Interim ".
  4. "The Dante Quartet " was inspired by Brakhage's interest in Dante's " The Divine Comedy ", which he had first encountered in high school at the suggestion of his English professor.
  5. ""'Cat's Cradle " "'is an experimental short film by Stan Brakhage, produced in 1959 . The film was described by Brakhage as " sexual witchcraft involving two couples and a'medium'cat ."


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