by force of armsの例文


  1. in the end choshu domain avoided collision by force of arms and withdrew; the joi ha group court nobles left kyoto and lost their position .
  2. after the death of saigo , times changed from the days of overthrowing the government by force of arms to an era where government could be criticized through freedom of speech .
  3. some also consider that a decision was made , trying to solve the problem by force of arms , taking into consideration the nature of kamakura bakufu as a military government , or trying to prepare the defense system by alerting its people about a threat from foreign countries .
  4. emperor tenmu , who had seized political power by force of arms from emperor kobun , the successor of emperor tenchi , began conducting koshin politics , under which imperial princes and other imperial family members assumed key posts in the government , and thus strengthened the autocracy .
  5. the japanese government , shocked by the march first movement , found that it was impossible to rule korea only by force of arms , and changed its budan seiji partly , also in consideration of the emergence of the party cabinet in the taisho democracy period and japanese domestic public criticism of budan seiji .


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