1. For three generations the Dickinson family had been members of the Third Haven Friends Meeting in Talbot County and the Cadwaladers were members of the Meeting in Philadelphia.
  2. As well as the original Cadwaladers vanilla ice cream and a variety of flavoured ice creams and sundaes, the cafe also sells its own bespoke blends of coffee, loose leaf tea and other hot drinks.
  3. Many of these families trace their ancestries back to the original founders of Philadelphia while others entered into aristocracy during the nineteenth century with their profits from commerce and trade or by marrying into established Old Philadelphia families like the Cadwaladers and Biddles.
  4. Only a year after commissioning the construction of the " Mizpah ", the Cadwaladers built a smaller ship, the " USS Sequoia II ", a 104-foot pleasure yacht that was subsequently purchased by the U . S . government and named the USS " Sequoia " for use by U . S . presidents.


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