cadwallader david coldenの例文


  1. Chief Justice John Lansing, Jr . presided on the bench, and future Mayor of New York Cadwallader David Colden was the prosecutor.
  2. To the south of the playground, the Cedar Grove Cemeteries occupy the former Spring Hill estate of colonial governor Cadwallader Colden and his grandson Cadwallader David Colden, who served as Mayor of New York between 1818 and 1821.
  3. The Beaux Arts exterior features fifty-four sculptures by prize-winning artists Philip Martiny and Henry Kirke Bush-Brown, representing both allegorical figures  such as " New York in Its Infancy ", " New York in Revolutionary Times ", " Philosophy ", " Law ", and the seasons  and eminent figures from the city's past, including Peter Stuyvesant, DeWitt Clinton, David Pietersen De Vries, and mayors Caleb Heathcote, Abram Stevens Hewitt, Philip Hone, Cadwallader David Colden and James Duane.


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