cadwallader rangeの例文


  1. The range was named Cadwallader Mountains in 1917, and was renamed the Cadwallader Range in 1951.
  2. The creek originates in the Cadwallader Range, below Prospector Peaks, and flows southeast into rail line.
  3. Three mountains in the Cadwallader Range of British Columbia, Canada, have been named after Tolkien's characters.
  4. "' Birkenhead Peak "', commonly known as "'Mount Birkenhead "'and sometimes "'Birkenhead Mountain "'and also "'Mount Birken "', 2506 m ( 8222 ft ) prominence : 1781 m, is a mountain in the Gates Valley region of the Lillooet Country of Mount Currie, the mountain's very high prominence separates it from the adjoining Cadwallader Range by the pass between Blackwater Creek and Birkenhead Lake.


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