cadwallader washburnの例文


  1. In 1878 and 1879, the company built roller flour mills for Cadwallader Washburn's Washburn-Crosby mills and Charles A . Pillsbury's mills.
  2. In 1844 he moved to Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where the federal land office for that territory was located, and entered into a partnership with Cadwallader Washburn.
  3. A large brawl involving approximately fifty representatives erupted on the House floor, ending only when a missed punch from Rep . Cadwallader Washburn of Wisconsin upended the hairpiece of Rep . William Barksdale of Mississippi.
  4. In 1930, automobile manufacturer Cadwallader Washburn " Carl " Kelsey was introduced to the rototiller by H . B . Hiller, a German immigrant who once worked for Siemens'" boden frasen " division.
  5. The key to the defense of New Orleans was Cadwallader Washburn's veteran XIII Corps desperately held their ground against the French reserve, but close quarters artillery fire and the loss of their flanks caused them to turn and flee over the cliff into the swampy waters of Lake La Pointe.


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