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  1. The 1940s also saw the creation of a notable writing group in the Rhondda, called the " Cadwgan Circle ".
  2. The Rhondda has also produced J . Gwyn Griffiths, an eminent Egyptologist, who was also a member of the Cadwgan Circle.
  3. Davies was part of the Cadwgan Circle, a literary group of likeminded writers from Rhondda, that centred their image of Wales on the new industrialised society they were brought up in.
  4. As a member of the Cadwgan Circle, he mixed with fellow members J . Gwyn Griffiths, Pennar Davies and Gareth Alban Davies, and was especially close to J . Kitchener Davies.
  5. During the Second World War, Bosse-Griffiths and her husband set up the Cadwgan Circle from their home in Pentre, an avant-garde literary and intellectual group whose membership included Pennar Davies and Rhydwen Williams.


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