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  1. The response was so positive that a new campaign was born, featuring " Cal Worthington and his dog Spot ! " ( see below for more information ).
  2. "But if we were allowed to use our own personalities instead of becoming Cal Worthington's deputies selling used cars, it would have been a much more honest product.
  3. For the rest of the 1950s he returned to appearing on radio and television in California including regular guest spots on " Cal's Corral " hosted by used car salesman Cal Worthington.
  4. One evening last fall, as they toasted Budroyale's California Cup Classic victory at Santa Anita, owner Jeffrey Sengara offered trainer Ted West Jr . the sweetest deal this side of Cal Worthington.
  5. They were Cal Worthington; the Cutter team from Honolulu; D . O . C . S . of Santa Monica; Pomeroy Investment from Rochester, Mich .; Magic Acquisition, and Grapevine Motors.


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