calcium oxalate dihydrateの例文


  1. The monohydrate is thought to be a more chemically stable metabolic byproduct of calcium oxalate dihydrate; the function of confluentic acid in the brown flecks is unclear.
  2. The crystals are calcium oxalate dihydrate that have the crystalline structure of a pyramid, and are arranged singly or in loose aggregates, 11 to 30 祄 in size.
  3. File : Surface of a kidney stone . jpg | SEM image of the surface of a kidney stone showing tetragonal crystals of Weddellite ( calcium oxalate dihydrate ) emerging from the amorphous central part of the stone.
  4. The lighter-colored pink zone, located on the inside of the red zone, contains a mixture of chiodectonic acid, beta-carotene and calcium oxalate dihydrate, the red and white mixture of the chiodectonic acid and the calcium oxalate giving rise to the characteristically lighter color.


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