capital increaseの例文


  1. to cope with such a critical situation , the company has endeavored to increase sales and diversify its business through various means , such as the capital increase in 1993 with the support of keifuku electric railroad and keihan electric railway , the launch of ' hanase yama-no-ie ' (an outdoor recreation center in hanase which is run by kyoto city ) specific transport (1993; some routes of this specific transport extend to uji city ) and the implementation of ' kitayama sankakuten trek ' tour (since 1998 ) while maintaining the lines running through depopulated areas via the rationalization efforts such as the reshuffling of lines in 1992 (such reshuffling was also done in 1997 when the karasuma line fully opened and the kyoto city bus lines running in the northern area of sakyo ward were transferred to the company ), the flexible change of cars depending on the transport demand (from large buses to medium-size buses and further to microbuses ) and the revision of the time schedule .


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