1. It was designed to use keystrokes and automation as opposed to mouse clicks, to speed up CAQDAS tasks.
  2. CAQDAS software solutions can expedite coding, content analysis, data linking, data display, and theory-building functions.
  3. Williams'has an interest in : qualitative research methods; ethnography and computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software ( CAQDAS ).
  4. Researchers at QDAP developed the Coding Analysis Toolkit ( CAT ), which is a free, open source, web-based CAQDAS package.
  5. Qualitative psychological research has developed a long experience from 1950 using open strategies as observation, introspection, narratives, discussion groups, interviews, etc . This kind of instruments allow to collect non structured data that need specific types of analysis as content analysis that is also supported on new computer means as CAQDAS ( Computer assisted qualitative data analysis software ).


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