caqueta riverの例文


  1. Ecuador protested that it claimed the Amazon Basin between the Caqueta river and the Mara駉n-Amazon river.
  2. In the worst attack, which occurred Friday night, 54 soldiers were killed and 17 were wounded when 500 rebels overran Las Delicias army base, in the southwestern Putumayo region along the Caqueta River, Defense Ministry spokesmen said.
  3. During its negotiations with Brazil, Peru stated that based on the royal cedula of 1802, it claimed Amazonian Basin territories up to Caqueta River in the north and toward the Andes Mountain range, depriving Ecuador and Colombia of all their claims to the Amazon Basin.
  4. Additionally, another study was conducted in the Amazon at the height of the mouth of the Caqueta River for six days . As a result of the studies conducted, it was found that the density is higher in the riverbanks, 3.7 per km, decreasing towards the center of the river.


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