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  1. Jach'a Jawira originates in the mountains near Caquiaviri.
  2. "' Caquiaviri "'is a location in the municipal section of the Pacajes Province.
  3. Qala Jawira originates from various streams of the mountains in the east of the Caquiaviri Municipality of the Pacajes Province.
  4. The river originates near from various streams at a mountain named Taruj Llani south of Utani Apu in the Pacajes Province, Caquiaviri Municipality.
  5. In Bolivia-apart from Vacas Municipality, where these plants are spread throughout a small area of about 1 km 2-the only other place to find " Puya raimondii " is Comanche mountain in Caquiaviri Canton, Caquiaviri Municipality, Pacajes Province, La Paz Department.


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