cardinal vannutelliの例文


  1. In September 1910, the school hosted Vincenzo Cardinal Vannutelli for lunch during a tour of Chicago Catholic schools; about ten years before becoming Dean of the College of Cardinals.
  2. Cardinal Vannutelli also served as prefect of the Commission for the Revision of the Provincial Councils from 1902 until 1908-a commission designed to interpret past councils according to recent papal rulings.
  3. Upon being elected, the Cardinal Dean Vincenzo Vannutelli, the protopriest Michael Logue and the protodeacon Gaetano Bisleti approached him and Cardinal Vannutelli asked the pope-elect if he accepted his election.
  4. Upon Ratti's acceptance, the cardinals lowered the canopies above their thrones with only Ratti's canopy remaining unlowered and Cardinal Vannutelli asked the new pope by what name he would be called.
  5. Cardinal Vannutelli became prefect of the economy of Propaganda Fide in 1892 and held that position for ten years, during which he served the first of his many appointments as a papal legate-most notably to the 11th Annual Eucharistic Congress in Brussels in 1898.


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