care bears nutcracker suiteの例文


  1. A TV special, " Care Bears Nutcracker Suite ", premiered on the Disney Channel in 1988.
  2. The Vizier is the primary villain from " The Care Bears Family " television special " Care Bears Nutcracker Suite ".
  3. "Care Bears Nutcracker Suite " premiered on video and television in December 1988 across North America, and was met with indifferent reception.
  4. The 6-disc set features the majority of episodes from the series ( from the previously released discs excluding " King of the Moon " and " Giving Thanks " ) as well as the bonus feature " Care Bears Nutcracker Suite ".
  5. On the first two specials and DiC television series, they battled against Professor Coldheart, his assistant Dark Heart in " Care Bears Movie II : A New Generation ", The Wizard of Wonderland and his assistants Dim & Dumb in " The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland ", and the Rat King and Evil Vizier in " Care Bears Nutcracker Suite ".


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