1. Carioti changed relatively little in the appearance of Quasimodo, but enlarged the stage and invested heavily in the stage and recording technology.
  2. The station also aired " The Spry Show ", " Alt . Classics, " the only classic alternative, indie, punk and new wave music program on Central Florida radio, as well as " The Nick Carioti Show " which discusses real estate, business and politics.
  3. As artistic director of the cultural association Colloqui with Olga Macaluso organizes numerous exhibitions and debates; creates exhibition space as the " Green Room " and " brown room " for more varied activities ( pottery, photographs, cartoons, objects outside and civilization, posters etc . ) . collaborate with it : Claudio Benedict and Madeleine Chevalier, Flavia Benedetto, Angelo Pitrone, James Carioti, Luisa Racanelli, Silvia Di Blasi and Adela Caldarella.


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