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  1. ""'Strawberry Roan " "'is a 1945 British drama film directed by Maurice Elvey and starring William Hartnell and Carol Raye.
  2. Chater became a national TV star when he was cast with Carol Raye and Barry Creyton in the Australian satirical television series " The Mavis Bramston Show ", for which he won the 1966 Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television.
  3. Despite the changes, the popularity of " Mavis " remained high through 1966 and it won three Logie awards that year  " Best Live Show ", " Best Female Personality " ( Carol Raye ) and the Gold Logie for " Most Popular Personality on Australian Television " ( Chater ).
  4. On the 25th anniversary of Olwen's death, Julia is listening to the broadcast when she hears a frantic knocking at the door and opens it to admit an unknown young woman ( Carol Raye ), who immediately walks up to the piano and begins expertly playing along with the piece on the radio.
  5. Panelists were Ugly Dave Gray, Jon English, Noeline Brown, Carol Raye, Stuart Wagstaff, Kate Fitzpatrick, Noel Ferrier, Dawn Lake, Barry Creyton, Mark Holden, John Paul Young, Belinda Giblin, Abigail, Nick Tate, Tommy Hanlon Junior, Wendy Blacklock, Peta Toppano, and Delvene Delaney.


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