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  1. Their father, Cecil Clay Van Manzer, adopted the stage name Clay Mantley.
  2. The flag of Graul's company, the 188th Pennsylvania Infantry, was carried by Cecil Clay, for which he also won the Medal of Honor.
  3. At the instigation of George Edwardes, he invested ?, 000 in a production of three one-act plays : his own " The Lancashire Sailor ", Weedon Grossmith's " A Commission ", and Cecil Clay's " A Pantomime Rehearsal ".
  4. Among them were Sergeant Richard Binder, Captain Henry H . Bingham, Captain John Gregory Bourke, Captain Cecil Clay, Private Richard Conner, Quartermaster Thomas Cripps, Captain Frank Furness, Sailor Richard Hamilton, Coal Heaver William Jackson Palmer, Captain Forrester L . Taylor, and Fireman Joseph E . Vantine.
  5. His last stage work was " On the March " ( 1896 ), a musical comedy in two acts, with John Crook and Frederic Clay, to a libretto by William Yardley, B . C . Stephenson and Cecil Clay, based on " In Camp " by Victoria Vokes.


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