cell codeの例文


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  1. Each line of cell code in the following table has one wikicode pipe.
  2. The second pipe character in a line of | " cell code " will not display; it is reserved for adding a format.
  3. Working off this design, researchers in Russia simulated the POPS design using Particle-in-cell code in 2009 . This reactor concept becomes increasingly efficient as the size of the device shrinks.
  4. The separate processing of information continues passed the primary sensory neurons into the electrosensory lateral-line lobe ( ELL ) where spherical cells relay phase or time information to higher centers and pyramidal cells code for amplitude information.
  5. Suppression of sharp wave / ripple complexes in sleep or during immobility can interfere with memories expressed at the level of the behavior, nonetheless, the newly formed CA1 place cell code can re-emerge even after a sleep with abolished sharp-wave / ripples in spatially non-demanding tasks.


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