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  1. He showed that animal and plant cell constituents are chemically similar and studied reactions of calcium albuminates.
  2. He used alcohol as a fixative and developed a staining technique that allowed the demonstration of several new nerve-cell constituents.
  3. Recently, Rodrigo E . Teixeira demonstrated a new reaction and proposed a process for harvesting and extracting raw materials for biofuel and chemical production that requires a fraction of the energy of current methods, while extracting all cell constituents.
  4. Due to their negligible thickness compared to the wavelength of operation, metasurfaces can ( near resonances of unit cell constituents ) be considered as an interface of discontinuity enforcing an abrupt change in both the amplitude and phase of the impinging light.
  5. This approach attempts to use as close to the exact IP conditions and components as the actual immunoprecipitation to remove any non-specific cell constituent without capturing the target protein ( unless, of course, the target protein non-specifically binds to some other IP component, which should be properly controlled for by analyzing the discarded beads used to preclear the lysate ).


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