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  1. Once dry, the plates are stacked with suitable separators and inserted in a cell container.
  2. Berrier was fined $ 5, 000 and suspended for two races for an oversized fuel cell container found on Harvick's No . 2 Chevrolet.
  3. Todd Berrier, crew chief for the Busch Grand National car driven by Kevin Harvick, was fined $ 5, 000 for an oversized fuel cell container.
  4. The evolution continued with the latest models, which can be vertically launched from four-cell containers, greatly expanding the number that can be carried on most ships.
  5. U . S . Photonics is in the process of developing a nanobattery utilizing " environmentally friendly " nanomaterials for both the anode and cathode as well as arrays of individual nano-sized cell containers for the solid polymer electrolite.


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