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  1. Besides sharing ideological and military training, the members of the cell coordinated with the international network on the details of the attack and the logistical support,
  2. Genocide members are frequent participants in Internet chat and news groups, and coded Usenet postings may be how the cells coordinate their activities and receive orders from the leadership.
  3. You'll notice that Excel has predicted what you want to do, and has filled in all the cells with " relative " ( as opposed to " absolute " ) cell coordinates.
  4. A non-simplicial complex is a generalization which makes the introduction of cell coordinates possible : There are non-simlicial complexes which are Cartesian products of such " linear " one-dimensional complexes where each zero-dimensional cell, besides two of them, bounds exactly two one-dimensional cells.
  5. Like other'unconventional'T cell subsets bearing invariant TCRs, such as CD1d-restricted Natural Killer T cells, gamma delta T cells exhibit several characteristics that place them at the border between the more evolutionarily primitive innate immune system that permits a rapid beneficial response to a variety of foreign agents, and the adaptive immune system, where B and T cells coordinate a slower but highly antigen-specific immune response leading to long-lasting memory against subsequent challenges by the same antigen.


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