central planning systemの例文


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  1. The central planning system of the Nazis was to be replaced with a liberal competitive system.
  2. These negative factors, compounded by the declining efficiency of the central planning system and the failure to modernize the economy, have slowed the pace of growth since the 1960s.
  3. The central planning system allowed Soviet leaders to marshal resources quickly in times of crisis, such as the Nazi invasion, and to reindustrialize the country during the postwar period.
  4. He called the regime a " freak " that grew out of the Soviet Union's central planning system followed by unfair privatization sales to a handful of insiders.
  5. Zalygin and his allies, who included nationalists and environmentalists, won that battle, an early victory in Gorbachev's campaign to shake loose the rigid central planning system and stop its environmental damage.


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