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  1. She married Fazlullah Pechuho, who works for District Management Group of the Central Superior Services of Pakistan.
  2. However, in Pakistan, a Central Secretariat Service was formed in Central Superior Services of Pakistan, which was later replaced and renamed to Office Management Group ( OMG ).
  3. He then decided to prepare for the Central Superior Services of Pakistan examinations and sought admission to the Bachelor of Laws ( LL . B . ) programme at Law College in Larkana.
  4. He joined the Civil Service of Pakistan ( CSP ), the elite cadre of the Central Superior Services of Pakistan, in 1966, and held senior level posts in Pakistan and Bangladesh including Commissioner, Quetta, and Political Agent, South Waziristan Agency.
  5. Following the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, Khan chose to settle in Pakistan and joined the Central Superior Services of Pakistan, Deputy Commissioner Bannu, Chief Administrator Northern Area Gilgit-Baltistan, Additional Defence Secretary Government of Pakistan, & Member Azad Kashmir Council.


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