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  1. European Schoolnet has worked towards enhancing cooperation across Europe between schools as the coordinator of the eTwinning Central Support Service since 2004.
  2. The current ministry lists its government service responsibilities as follows : " The Government Services component provides a wide range of central support services to government in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
  3. As Director, Warren was directly responsible for central purchasing, management of state office building space, the State Motor Pool, the state's self-insurance program, contracts State construction projects, and other central support services.
  4. But further cutbacks in Legal Aid's jurisdiction and income would impair its ability to hire new lawyers and to provide investigators and other central support services, inevitably eroding the quality of representation afforded poor people.
  5. "In terms of swing space, the city came up with a dream solution right next to us, " said Toshiyuki Niwa, the assistant secretary-general for central support services, who detailed the plan at a news conference Monday.


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