central sussex collegeの例文


  1. Further education is provided by Central Sussex College.
  2. The school will accommodate 420 pupils There are several other schools around away, and the nearest secondary and tertiary education institutions are respectively away ( Hazelwick School ) and away ( the Crawley campus of Central Sussex College ).
  3. Many of the students progress to colleges across the county, with the majority going to The College of Richard Collyer in Horsham although other colleges include Northbrook College in Worthing, Central Sussex College in Crawley, Brinsbury College in Pulborough and Chichester College.
  4. Holzherr spent the early years of his life in Switzerland, and in the UK was educated at Chailey School, a state comprehensive school in the village of Chailey ( near the town of Lewes ) in East Sussex, where he obtained 11 A-B grade GCSEs, followed by Central Sussex College,


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