cerebrospinal fluid pressureの例文


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  1. Wilms is also credited for developing a manometer for measurement of cerebrospinal fluid pressure.
  2. The "'Tobey Ayer test "'is used for lateral sinus thrombosis by monitoring cerebrospinal fluid pressure during a lumbar puncture.
  3. Chest radiographs may indicate pleural effusions and / or fibrosis, and neurological tests such as CT scans can show strokes and increased cerebrospinal fluid pressure.
  4. Practitioners of both cranial osteopathy and craniosacral therapy assert that there are small, rhythmic motions of the cranial bones attributed to cerebrospinal fluid pressure or arterial pressure.
  5. No increase of cerebrospinal fluid pressure during compression of the internal jugular vein on the affected side, and an exaggerated response on the patent side, is suggestive of lateral sinus thrombosis.


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