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  1. The Chambers Biographical Dictionary describes him as " [ a ] sincere but narrow-minded Calvinist ".
  2. There is a 1912 version of " Chambers Biographical Dictionary " available at the Internet Archive See this link.
  3. The " Chambers Biographical Dictionary " ( 1897 ) incorrectly ascribes denial of the virgin birth to Ferenc D醰id, leader of the Transylvanian Unitarians.
  4. The Chambers Biographical Dictionary records that they arrived in Spain in the 8th century but the name is familiar from the romance by Ch鈚eaubriand's " Le dernier des Abencerrages " are imitations of Perez de Hita's work.
  5. It does not seem like this source is credible or relevant enough to override all of the sources who use the " ?", including : the Oxford Dictionary of English, the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, and Chambers Biographical Dictionary ( all given in the Becket article ).


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