char dara districtの例文


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  1. A Taliban counteroffensive in June brought insurgent fighters into the Char Dara District, several miles from Kunduz.
  2. When the Taliban were ousted from the Kunduz Province in 2001, parts of the Char Dara District were badly damaged.
  3. In Kunduz Province, they established their main foothold in Char Dara District and are able to operate openly for the most part.
  4. According to the security officials, Mullah was initially injured during clashes with the Afghan forces and succumbed to his injuries after he was taken to a hospital in Char Dara District.
  5. On 9 September 2009, JSOC UAV supported the British SBS and Stephen Farrell who was captured by the Taliban and held at a Taliban safe house in Char Dara District, Kunduz Province.


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