chemical oceanographerの例文


  1. "' Kelly Kenison Falkner "'( born March 1, 1960 ) is an American chemical oceanographer and educator.
  2. "Contaminated sediment is one of the largest problems in this country, " said Dr . Robert Huggett of Michigan State University, a chemical oceanographer who has worked in the field for three decades.
  3. "Only two things can change life as we know it _ nuclear weapons and rapid climate change, " said Lou Codispoti, a University of Maryland chemical oceanographer and one of 38 scientists on board.
  4. In contrast, Dr . Kenneth S . Johnson, a chemical oceanographer at the Moss Landing laboratory who participated in both iron experiments, hailed the experiment as basically opening a new chapter in humanity's relationship with the planet.
  5. "' Anitra Thorhaug "'is an American marine biologist, plant ecophysiologist and a chemical oceanographer whose extensive work on the rehabilitation of coastal ecosystems has had a substantial influence on national and international policies on conservation around the world.


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