ciboney peopleの例文


  1. Archaeological records indicate that the islands have been home to Indian tribes, including the Ta韓o people, Arawak people, Kalinago people, and the Ciboney people.
  2. As compared to most other Latin American countries at the time, a very large percentage of the Cuban population were Spaniards or their descendants; the native Ta韓o and Ciboney peoples had mostly disappeared in Cuba early in the colonial period.
  3. :The following quote from Cuba certainly describes a very mixed population, which is reflective of what I have seen there : " Its people, culture and customs draw from several sources including the aboriginal Ta韓o and Ciboney peoples, the period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves, and its proximity to the United States . " I don't know that there is a large number of descendents of peoples from India in the country, but there may well be some.


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