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  1. The eruption occurred in the circumnuclear star-forming region of the galaxy.
  2. Sgr A West is surrounded by a massive, clumpy torus of cooler molecular gas, the Circumnuclear Disk ( CND ).
  3. Star formation does not seem to be occurring currently at the Galactic Center, although the Circumnuclear Disk of molecular gas that orbits the Galactic Center at two parsecs seems a fairly favorable site for star formation.
  4. These general features have been explained by a narrow circumnuclear ring of material from which the diffuse emission arises, and individual masing clouds with sizes of order one parsec that give rise to the compact emission.
  5. Marconi et al . argue that a gas phase progenitor molecule for C 3 H is unlikely to exist within the ionopause and suggest that desorption from circumnuclear CHON dust grains may have instead produced the observed C 3 H.


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