claxby pluckacreの例文


  1. Claxby Pluckacre once had a church dedicated to Saint Andrew, which fell down in 1748 and was never rebuilt.
  2. "' Moorby "'is a small village in the East Lindsey civil parish of Claxby with Moorby, where Claxby refers to Claxby Pluckacre.
  3. In 1885 " Wesleyan chapel, and a school, founded 1856, for children of the parishes of Moorby, Wilksby, Claxby Pluckacre, and Wood Enderby.
  4. Whilst Claxby Pluckacre is listed in the 1086 " Domesday Book ", today it is considered a deserted medieval village with slight earthworks visible between Hall Farm and The Grange.


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