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  1. Roopnarine owns a business that manufactures steel gates and other items in Point Lisas, just north of Claxton Bay.
  2. Lisas, California, Claxton Bay, Marabella, and Vistabella in Central Trinidad, before passing into San Fernando.
  3. These beaches are Brickfield, Claxton Bay, Carli Bay, Orange Valley, St . Margaret Bay, and Waterloo.
  4. The abductors left Shane Sawh, 20, on the side of a road unharmed in Claxton Bay in southern Trinidad, Senior Superintendent Gilbert Reyes said.
  5. An armed man accosted Vernon Roopnarine, 56, in Claxton Bay, 30 miles ( 48 kilometers ) south of the capital, Senior Superintendent Philip Carmona said.


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