clincher rimの例文


  1. It should be noted that not all clincher rim designs allow for tubeless tires as an air tight contact surface is required to prevent the unintended loss of tire pressure.
  2. By 1900, Gormully & Jeffery was the country's second-largest bicycle maker and Jeffery had gained fame for developing, among other things, the clincher rim that enabled pneumatic tires to be used.
  3. The flange of the Road Tubeless rim is similar to the hook bead of a standard clincher rim but is contoured to very close tolerances to interlock with a Road Tubeless tire, creating an airtight seal between tire and rim.
  4. The new 101 wheelset featured the first aluminum clincher rim with a fully toroidal profile and reaches a lower price point than Zipp s carbon wheels . 2010 also saw a redesign of the 303 wheelset with claimed improvements to strength, durability, and aerodynamics.


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