club priceの例文


  1. Replacement games will be a tough sell at 600 Club prices, but we think Tim can help us keep those folks happy.
  2. Waban's shares trade at about 12 times estimated earnings, while No . 2 warehouse club Price / Costco Inc . trade at about 17 times earnings.
  3. Chalk knows some parents will be turned off when they go to a store and see golf shoes priced at $ 80 and starter sets of clubs priced at $ 300.
  4. In making sample calls, I found the price range to be highly variable, with one location's Silver Dollar Club price higher ( $ 168.99 ) than the price for a promotional rental price ( $ 147.99 ) for the same car and same dates.
  5. The territory of the ZEC has 25 campgrounds ( with various facilities ) with a total of 300 campsites, including : camping Esker, Island Beaus閖our, Chic-shock, River Mistigouc鑓he, Montagnais, Neigette, Huron, Bona, Mistigoug鑓he, Mailloux, Lambert, Trinity, P52, Zephyr, Brook Ouellet, Rimouski-Est, Tach? 30 miles, Camp Br鹟? Club Price, Eaux-Mortes, Du Huit and Chasseurs.


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