club sessoの例文


  1. In June 2015, owner Paul Smith announced that Club Sesso was closing due to legal fees, which reached nearly $ 100, 000.
  2. On June 28, while Club Sesso was hosting an anniversary party, a fire inspector determined that the business was in violation of city code.
  3. Club Sesso opened at 824 Southwest 1st Avenue in downtown Portland on June 19, 2009 . The club was endorsed by American pornographic film actor Ron Jeremy and billed as an " upscale, high-energy swingers club " where members could engage in sexual activities.
  4. He said of the club's closure, " Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, and the continual and substantial nonlitigation legal fees during the past year, and our inability to reach reasonable agreements with the various government agencies involved, Club Sesso is no longer able to stay in business.


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