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  1. As with its other adventure games, Level 9 Computing issued a " Clue Sheet " that could be ordered.
  2. In orienteering competitions the locations of the control points are described on a "'control description sheet "'( or "'clue sheet "').
  3. Players are usually required to act as one of the characters / suspects involved in the plot, and must ask and reply to questions using the information provided in their character booklets and on clue sheets.
  4. Competitors receive a " control description sheet " or " clue sheet " which gives a precise description of the feature and the location of the kite, e . g ., boulder, 5m, north side.
  5. The event's finishing point is normally Finsbury Circus, where occasionally, the veterans of the event get out portable stoves and start frying bacon once they've handed in their clue sheet for provisional marking.


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