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  1. Lots of them, mostly Commanches and Kiowas.
  2. Over the years, the troops defeated the Cheyenne, the Commanches, the Nez Perce and Geronimo and his Apaches.
  3. They are driven to strike a deal with the unified Commanches and Kiowas _ and their leader Little Buffalo ( Leon Goodstriker ) _ after their wives and children are taken hostage.
  4. Some Cly relatives even worked as extras, playing some of the " Commanches " who had kidnapped the niece of Wayne's character, played by Natalie Wood.
  5. He started playing at an early age with the Sunderland Commanches, Arrows, Tomahawks then Chiefs, then moved to the Durham Wasps in 1992 before they were moved to Cobras.


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