command a view ofの例文


  1. Goro sky tower on mt . gorogadake commands a view of the townscape of nishi-maizuru .
  2. Spanning the uono-gawa river , the castle was located at a strategic transportation point that commanded a view of the mikuni-kaido road .
  3. Shorin-ji temple is located in the slightly higher area in the south part of sakurai city which commands a view of the nara basin to the north and the south .
  4. Sakato-jo castle was located on sakato-yama mountain which commanded a view of the mikuni-kaido road across the uono-gawa river , and was a strategic military site .
  5. Kannon-do hall: it ' s located in the southern part of temple site and stands on high ground , commanding a view of lake biwa , and it is known as the stamp office for temple number 14 of saigoku sanjusankasho .


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