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  1. This commercial film , produced by the japan ad council ' s osaka bureau , aired mainly on kansai local tv (partially nationwide ).
  2. In commercial films , teragoko was used by the bank of kyoto and marutake ebisu was used by shogoin yatsuhashi (cinnamon cookie dough ).
  3. There was a famous commercial film called " tsukemono hyakusen (a hundred selections of tsukemono )" by fujicco , in which mie yamaguchi shouts ' i want to eat shibazuke .'
  4. He played a leading role on tv history , making films from film-recording tv movies and commercial films to varieties of dramas such as live dramas , video recording dramas and dramas shot with high-definition cameras during the experimental period .
  5. The gallery exhibits the original drawings by kon shimizu and isao kojima used in kizakura ' s advertisements which are famous for the unique kappa (water imp ) illustrations , and advertisements shown since 1955 can be watched in the adjacent commercial film library corner .


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